Onshape Keyboard Shortcuts – 3D View

This week we are going to be covering everything you need to know about Part Studio Onshape keyboard shortcuts.

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of our Onshape Tips & Tricks series. In this video we are going to be covering everything you need to know about 3D View Onshape keyboard shortcuts.

To zoom in on a part press ‘Shift’ and ‘Z’… to zoom out press ‘Z’. To zoom to a specified window press ‘W’ and draw a box around the desired area, and to fit all parts to fit the window press ‘F’.

The arrow keys can be used to rotate the view, and can be used to pan the view by holding the shift key at the same time.

To go to a specific view hold the shift key and select ‘1’ for front view, ‘2’ for back view, ‘3’ for left view, ‘4’ for right view, ‘5’ for top view, ‘6’ for bottom view, and ‘7’ for the isometric view. To view the part with a section hold shift and press 8. You can then select the plane with which you wish to section the part.

To view the part normal to a surface or plane, select the surface or plane and then press ‘N’.

To toggle the visibility of the planes press ‘P’.

And finally a selected part can be hidden by pressing ‘Y’ and can be shown by holding shift and pressing ‘Y’.

So, that’s it for this week, any questions please email onshape@digicad.co.uk, remember to check out our Onshape training courses in the description below and stay tuned for more Onshape Tips & Tricks videos.

Thank you for watching!

Tim Winwood - Principal Consultant

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