Onshape Keyboard Shortcuts – Assembly

This week we are going to be covering everything you need to know about the Assembly Onshape keyboard shortcuts.

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Video Transcript

When in an assembly, to copy a part hold ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘C’. To paste it hold ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘V’. The part will be pasted wherever the cursor is situated. To add a mate connector to a part, hold ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘M’. When placing the mate connector, holding ‘Shift’ will lock the mate inference to that surface. Once the connector is placed it is possible to flip its primary axis with ‘A’ and to reorient its secondary axis with ‘Q’. Parts can be mated using ‘M’ and selecting the two connectors.

It is also possible to bring in a part using the insert dialogue, which can be accessed using ‘I’… and parts can be mated in snap mode which is activated by holding ‘Shift’ and pressing ‘S’.

It is also possible to toggle mates between hidden and shown using the ‘J’ key and can also be done for mate connectors using ‘K’.

So, that’s it for this week, any questions please email onshape@digicad.co.uk, remember to check out our Onshape training courses in the description below and stay tuned for more Onshape Tips & Tricks videos.

Thank you for watching!